Louis Vuitton Perfumes

Louis Vuitton Perfumes

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Louis Vuitton Perfumes

Louis Vuitton rings a bell especially for those familiar with their leather bags. Though the company started off with making bags and suitcases it later branched out and explored the perfume industry.

With the likes of Jacques Cavallier, Vuitton has given the world editions of sensual fragrances. These fragrances give a pleasurable sensation that draws attention.

Louis Vuitton Perfumes for women

  • Attrape-Reves
  • Coeur Battant
  • Contre Moi
  • Eriole Filante
  • Heures d'Absence
  • Turbulences

Louis Vuitton perfumes for men

  • Au Hassard
  • Imagination
  • L'immensite
  • Meteore
  • Nouveau Monde
  • Orage

Louis Vuitton Unisex Perfumes

  • Stellar times
  • Symphony
  • Cosmic cloud
  • Dancing blossom
  • Rhapsodi
  • Eau de voyage
  • On the beach
  • Sun song