Christian Provenzano Perfume

Christian Provenzano Perfume

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Christian Provenzano Perfume - Christian Provenzano is a perfume brand owned by the perfumer himself. Christian's love for colognes started at an early age when he was growing up in Morocco. During this time, he was surrounded by the most vital elements for making perfumes. He developed the skill by travelling to various countries, learning the basic cultures of making perfumes.

With expert knowledge in fragrances, Christian released his first fragrance edition in 2018. The scents are a rare combination of ingredients that give a fantastic experience. Currently, he directs the perfumery for the international Fragrance house after he had honed his skills in several perfumeries.



  • Ambre d'Or
  • Cuir Elite
  • Iris d'Orient
  • Nuit de Notes
  • Oud Al Fayed
  • Oud Signature
  • Patchouli Noir
  • Ultimate Rose


  • Espirit de Oud
  • Fleur d'Asie
  • Musc Poudre
  • Ophelie
  • Patchouli Noir Intense
  • Santal Indien