What is a Rose?

Occurring in hundreds of species and thousands of hybrids, both naturally and genetically engineered, roses are the world’s most popular flowers. They are used in different societies in different ways, including food, cosmetics, ornaments, and even gifts. They are widely revered for their beauty, their scent, and variety. Let us journey through the reasons as to why roses have so much social value.



What is Unique About Roses?

Not only are their petals edible and used in a variety of Asian delicacies, this world’s most loved flower comes in many colors, each with its meaning and cultural significance.

The red rose is generally accepted as the symbol of love in most societies. Legend has it that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, held it as her most sacred flower. Little wonder we see red roses take over on Saint Valentine’s day or any other celebration of love. The pink ones, however, are closely associated with sweetness, happiness and grace, which is why they are regarded as the epitome of femininity.

A lot of people also regard white roses as a symbol of purity and holiness. For this, a lot of churches have adapted them as part of their ceremonial accents. People also like to have white roses at their weddings because it is believed to represent purity. Black roses also have symbolic meaning: they represent sadness or death, which is why they are mostly used at funerals. No one knows who gave these colors their meanings.


What is the Rarest Rose Color?

The Blue Rose is the rarest and debatably the most beautiful possessing two shades from the mauve and violet scale. Genetically engineered in 2004 Japan, this type of rose is especially hard to find because it does not naturally occur. But florists have found their way around this genetic limitation they can give roses a bluish color by cutting white roses, and placing their stems in liquid blue dye. Fun fact, this can be done with any color of dye so if you are thinking of giving someone a rose bouquet, you can use this technique to create something colorful and fun to look at.


Blue rose

What is the Most Expensive Rose?


The Juliet Rose. Although you can get it for about $125 a bouquet, the Juliet Rose earned this title because it cost its maker, David Austin, $4 million to create. This same species goes for up to $5000 on the black market.



What are the Uses of Rose

Roses have ornamental, sentimental and essential value. They have earned their title as the world's most beautiful flowers simply because of how magically they light up a room even when just one is placed in a vase and put on a table. They are widely used for their decorative features both inside and out doors to give the environment a splash of color and youthful ambiance.

Roses are also used to represent positive feelings, including love and happiness, which is why they feature the most on Valentine’s day, graduation day, marriage proposals, date nights, etc. Whether it is just a bouquet, or a single stem, roses have a way of saying “I love you”,” Congratulations”, "I am sorry”, “Would you marry me?”, just to mention a few. 

Most notably, roses are cultivated for their essential oils, and infused into perfumes. Their petals are also soaked in water and other solution to produce rose water. Their beautiful floral smell is the reason why they are widely hunted by perfumers.


Why is Rose Used in Perfumes?

Legend has it that roses were sacred to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, so some may say that the scent exhumes those feelings of love from the wearer. Because of its soft floral smell, perfume makers also use roses because it appeals to those who love the scent of flowers.

Juliet Rose David Austin

Juliet Peach Roses - David Austin

Is it Safe to Eat a Rose?

Roses are safe to eat, except if you have allergic reactions from consuming or coming in contact with them. Roses can be eaten fresh from the garden or processed into different forms. This beautiful group of flowers is used as ingredients in salads or flavor drinks, jams, and jellies. They also can even be dried and mixed with other herbs to make tea. 

The stronger the scent the sweeter the flavor of the rose. By this, the Damask rose, for example, would taste sweeter than a yellow rose. All types of roses are edible, but we would advise against eating those that have been artificially colored with dye or preserved with inorganic chemicals to last longer. 


What Parts of a Rose are Edible?

The petals, the leaves, the buds, and the hips can all be eaten. So, if you ever find yourself hungry and stranded in the bushes, remember that roses are one of the tasty snacks that mother nature has given to us.

yellow roses


How Do You Preserve Roses?

There are different ways to preserve roses, depending on what you want to do with them of course. If you want them to last longer in a vase, replace the water with glycerine to keep the flowers fresh. Water should not come in contact with them, and they should be kept away from direct sunlight so that their colors do not fade or change. If you want to save them for culinary purposes, you could freeze-dry them, or dry them in an air fryer, and even ground them into fine powder afterwards.


Where Can We Find Roses?

Most of its species habit in Asia, but some species can also be found in parts of Europe, North America, and Africa. However, roses have increasingly been exported to and grown in many more places perhaps, it is the reason why the variety keeps expanding.


Why Do Roses Have Thorns?

The thorns roses have, have an evolutionary purpose. Because of their attractive colors and scent, animals are drawn to eat them. The thorns serve as a defense mechanism to keep the animals away.


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