What Does Rose Smell Like?

Roses are fragrant flowers that produce the essence from which a lot of perfumes are made. Existing in over three hundred species, the Turkish rose, Damask, and Rosa Centifolia, are the varieties typically used in perfumery.

Ever wondered why this particular group of flowers is the most favored when making or selecting floral fragrances? Find out as we discuss roses and the experience that comes with sniffing in this beautiful scent.




How do you describe rose fragrance?

The heart of a rose’s fragrance lies in its petals. Depending on where it is planted, the breed, and other factors, roses can smell sweet, fruity, juicy or even lemony. However, no matter the species, all roses have a flowery undertone, with soft delicate nuances that are bold, but not harsh, which make them suitable fragrances for feminine perfumes and cosmetics. Roses are sometimes used for aromatherapy because it is believed to be relaxing to the body and mind, and for a fragrance to reduce anxiety and stress, you can only imagine how calming, soft and pleasing it smells. 


Can you use rosewater as perfume?


Rosewater is typically made by boiling rose petals or extracting water from them. The latter is more expensive because it would take a lot of petals to produce a reasonable amount of rose water. Because of this, boiling the petals in water is the most common method, so the rose water you are more likely to find would not have a strong enough scent to serve as a perfume since the essences have been diluted. 

Also, the makers don’t put much thought into making rose water have a strong scent since the intention is not to make perfume. But, if you want to go ahead and use rose water as perfume, it will be a good idea to pour some rose water into a spray bottle and add a few drops of rose essential oil or as much as you like, depending on how strong you want it, and spray away. This hack is sure to leave you walking around smelling like a fresh bouquet!


What does damask smell like?

The Damask or Rose Damascene, sometimes called the Bulgarian Rose, is mostly used in feminine cosmetic products. The Damask rose has a sweet floral smell. It smells like what people would term “girly” or “pretty”.



Do all Roses smell the same?

Not all roses smell the same. Their scent is dependent on the soil they are grown, the species, and even the color. Yellow and orange roses tend to smell more like fruits and cloves, while pink and red roses have that popular rosy floral scent. Some roses don’t have a scent at all. This is because scientists genetically engineer some breeds to look a certain way or last longer, this process usually removes the scent gene. 


What perfumes have rose in them?

A lot of perfumes have rose essential oils as their main ingredient. Our top pick is Neon Rose by Floral Street; it is perfect for everyday use because it smells fresh and delicate, having bergamot and angelica leaves as its top notes. Miss Dior N’ Roses and Dityque Eau Rose are also great choices.

Lyric Man by Amouage, Black Aoud by Montale, and Penhaligon’s Hammam Bouquet come highly recommended for men if you want something on the high end. These are just a few of the really amazing rose fragrances out there.


Is Rose a top note?

Rose is a middle note fragrance, meaning that when used, it is the scent that gives the second impression. The molecules of its essence are a bit dense, so they don’t evaporate as fast as the top note, which is the initial impression, forming the heart of the perfume. 




Is rose an attractive smell?


Studies have found that the smell of roses makes people appear more attractive. This does not necessarily mean that the person has to wear the scent, the scent just being in the environment influences how people perceive others in terms of physical appeal. So, girls, you could definitely try this out next time you have a date, and you are wondering what perfume to wear.


Is rose a feminine scent?

Because flowers are primarily associated with women, roses are not considered to be a masculine scent, especially in beauty products. Rose essences are widely used in cosmetics that are target marketed to women and girls. Although it is typically regarded as a feminine scent, there are a number of ways roses can be infused into male cosmetics and matched with other essences to still give off that macho aura. 


What is a good alternative for rose?

If, for some reason, you cannot find or use anything that has rose in it, you can substitute it with other flowers like jasmines, daisies, carnations, Peruvian lilies, forget-me-nots, among others. These flowers can satisfy your thirst for floral scents. They are also good ornamental replacements because they equally give that burst of color to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Camellias especially look like roses because of the arrangement of their petals, but tulips are a cheaper alternative for a rose bouquet.

In perfumes and other beauty products, you can alternatively pick out the ones that have jasmines in them, but if you are not specific and just want that flowery smell, you can go for the ones that have any of the flowers we have recommended.


Rose oil

What is the smell of rose called?

When extracted, the essential oils gotten from roses are known as attar. “Attar” translates to” scent” in Arabic, it is the general term for essential oils that are sourced from plants and flowers. Attar differs from perfumes because it is organic, as opposed to its inorganic counterpart that goes through a lot of chemical processes. Attar has a very strong concentration of essences, that it has to be diluted before industrial or domestic use. Typically, the petals of Rose Centifolia or the Damask are used to produce this concentrated oil because that have very bold smells.


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