Annick Goutal

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Name: Annick Goutal 
Gender: Female
Date of Birth:1946
Home Country: France
Status: Late
Residence: Paris
Employment: Perfumer and Founder of Annick Goutal perfume house. She created perfumes by herself until Isabelle Doyen joined her in 1985.


Annick Goutal was born in 1946 in Paris, France. Her father owns a confectionery store and being the third daughter in a big family, she has a lot of freedom to play and develop her spirit. She was born into designing and packaging. As a little girl, she helps in the packaging of chocolate boxes and sweets packets. She used to tie elegant bows of ribbon on the boxes to make the presentation more cheerful and warm.

She also plays piano very well as a child. Annick played in different prestigious European events and was very good at what she does. Just when she was 16, she went ahead and took first place for piano at the Versailles Conservatory.


Like a butterfly flitting from one petals to another in search of the perfect nectar, Annick Goutal also searched for her right calling in life. Being expected to play the piano since she was little, she actually did just that for sometime. Though she enjoyed music a lot, she had to leave music after it became too much for her. She later on moved to London as an au pair for a family over there.

Living in London, Annick Gouptal's beauty didn't go unnoticed. David Bailey, a member of the family she was working for, was a renowned fashion photographer. He encouraged her to become a model. With her beautiful physique and stature, she became a successful model.

She moved back to Paris and opened an antique shop called Folavril. In 1977, she closed her antique shop and later started a beauty store with a friend. They sold plant based creams and Annick was in charge of the design and packaging. She would tie the creams with ribbon in a warm and inviting way but later on Annick decided they needed to add fragrances.

Where better to learn the art of making fragrances than Grasses, the heart of perfumery. So, Annick went to Grasses and met Henri Sorsana from Robertet fragrance house. She discovered her passion and nose for fragrances. She trained for some years and created some fragrances, Folavril and Passion.

Annick Goutal perfume house was opened in 1980. She created her popular perfume, Eau d'Hadrien in 1981 which placed her as a pioneer of Niche Perfumery. Her fragrances are warm, rich and fabulous. She makes perfumes that depicts the people or places that are close to her. She made Eau de Charlotte and Eau de Camille for her daughters.

In 1995, she and Isabelle Doyen started working together and by the 1990s, her perfumes was among the top five selling in popular department stores like Saks and Norman Marcus. The design of the perfumes are meticulously done by Annick herself because as she said, Luxury is in the detail.


Annick Goutal was a gifted Perfumer with amazing character that gets reflected in her fragrances. Her fragrances were made from natural sources only. She made the perfumes as much natural as she can, even the packaging minimises the use of paper. She evoke memories with perfumes and designed using a lot of effort in getting the perfect recipe.

Her perfume, Eau d'Hadrien was loved by the majority. She even attracted a lot of celebrities, singers and actresses. She also made memorable fragrances like the Rose Absolute which was a blend of the most amazing types of roses. Annick Goutal was so fascinated with roses because of their warmth and delicacy. She made another perfume, Ce Soir Ou Jamais, which was a rose that smells like pear scent. Ce Soir Ou Jamais took Annick and Doyen 10 years before it was created.

Annick Goutal perfums are a perfect blend of memories, notes and nature. As she said, "Our perfumes are inspired by a mixture of poetry and nature, plants and culture. Each one tells a story, which can be experienced on the skin."

Due to cancer, Annick died at an early age of 53. She left 20 fragrances and memories. Her daughter, Camille also inherited the love of fragrances and went into the Perfumery business when her mother died. Camille and Isobelle are the in-house perfumers for Annick Goutal perfume house since then. The perfume house has changed name to Goutal Paris and has international reach in 43 countries.

List of Perfumes

Annick Goutal perfumes are spectacular. Among these perfumes are:

  • Eau d'Hadrien 1980
  • Eau de Camille 1983
  • Eau du Sud 1996
  • Passion 1983
  • Folavril 1981
  • Rose Absolute 1984
  • Gardenia Passion 1989
  • Vanille Exquise
  • Bois d'Hadrien
  • Eau de Charlotte 1982
  • Ce Soir Ou Jamais 1999
  • Eau de Monsieur 1981
  • Eau de Bonpoint 1986
  • Eau de Lavande 1981
  • Eau du Ciel 1985
  • Grand Amoir 1996
  • Heure Exquise 1984
  • Sables 1985
  • Vetiver 1985
  • Nuit et Confidences

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