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Nishane is an independent perfume brand that based in Istanbul. It was founded by Mert Güzel and Murat Katran, and its name comes from a Turkish word for "the sun." This article is going to explore the best Nishane perfumes.

The company's first perfume creation was created in 2004. As a global brand,
its uniquely created scent can be easily recognized. The inspiration behind the creation of this unique brand has strong link to traditions, modern vision and the multi-cultural nature of Istanbul that has reflects many civilizations, by simply combining elements of the past, present and future. NISHANE brand focuses on quality and individuality rather than following trends by help you find your signature scent. 

Nishane in Perfumery

Nishane artistic collections are designed with utmost care to the delight of perfume lovers around the world who proudly shows their unending appreciation that has help mad the brand one of the most widespread and the best-selling niche perfume brands of the world. From its inception till date, Nishane has produced 34 perfumes in our fragrance base. As a new fragrance brand, its first edition was produced in 2013 and the most recent is from 2021.

Nishane fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Sylvain Cara, Miguel Matos, Jorge Lee, Ilias Ermenidis, Lucas Sieuzac, Cecile Zarokian, Julia Rodriguez and Chris Maurice.
Some Nishane perfumes and colognes include: Abundance Collection, Blossom Collection, Experimental Collection, Extrait de Cologne, Harrods Exclusive, Imaginative Collection - Le Petit Prince, Miniature Art, No Boundaries, Prestige Collection, Rumi, Shadow Play Collection, and Signature Collection. Let us have a look at the best Nishane women perfumes and best Nishane men colognes.

Best Nishane Perfumes

  •  Nishane Muskane

Nishane Muskane is a pleasant composition with a sweet, powdery scent and a musky undertone. Upon initial application, this fragrance is reminiscent of raspberries, but it quickly turns into a clean scent. The addition of floral notes results in a powdery, clean scent that is only made stronger by the appearance of the musk. As the fragrance progresses, a sweetness from vanilla adds body and fullness to the scent.

Top notes are Ginger, Green Notes, Pink Pepper and Bergamot; middle notes are Cardamom, Black Currant and Turkish Rose; base notes are Benzoin, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cedar, Patchouli, Musk and Ambergris.

Scent: Amber floral accord

Longevity: 3 - 6 hours

Sillage: Moderate

Projection: Moderate

Price: $160 -$170

  • Hacivat 

Nishane Hacivat is a fruity, floral, and woody fragrance that opens with the notes of pineapple and citrus. After a while, jasmine is present but disappears almost immediately. Nearing its dry-down, the scent of oakmoss and woody notes dominate. The fragrance is still fresh, but also warm and slightly woody. Overall, you get a beautiful, fruity scent. Notes: Hacivat as the following notes of grapefruit, bergamot and pineapple. Patchouli, jasmine and cedar makeup the heart notes, while the base notes is composed of woody notes and oakmoss.

Scent: Chypre woody, mossy accord 

Longevity: 8 - 9 hours

Sillage: High

Projection: High

Price: $139 -$200

  • Nishane Colognise

Nishane Colognise is a wonderful fragrance with a very fresh scent. It opens with a very fresh scent of citruses, supported by some green notes. Shortly after the opening, floral notes make their presence known, adding a powdery quality to the scent. The scent doesn't change much after the initial citric blast smells of neroli, which adds an orangy, white floral scent to the otherwise very clean scent. Overall, a great fragrance for warm weather. Nishane Colognise is a great fragrance to wear during the warmer months. The fresh and clean scent of this fragrance will make you feel cool when you are outside on high-temperature days. 

Notes: The top notes of Nishane Colognise are jasmine, green tea, lemon, and bergamot. The middle notes are lily of the valley and grapefruit. The base notes are musk, neroli, and vetiver.

Scent: Citrus woody accord

Longevity: 8 and above hours

Sillage: High

Projection: High

Price: $135 -$190

  • Nishane Hundred Silent Ways

Nishane Hundred Silent Ways is a light, sweet fragrance with hints of mandarin and tuberose. The fruity white florals in this scent are supported by a base of sweet musk. At a certain point, the scent of white florals is joined by the note of vanilla, resulting in a sweet and warm fragrance. This fragrance is overall beautiful and evocative. The fresh scent of white florals, combined with the sweet scent of mandarin and vanilla works great in both the cold seasons, as well as the warm seasons 

Notes: The top notes of Nishane Hundred Silent Ways are peach, mandarin, and tuberose. The middle notes are orris, gardenia, and jasmine. The base notes are vetiver, sandalwood, and vanilla.

Scent: Floral woody accord

Longevity: 6 - 8 hours

Sillage: High

Projection: High

Price: $186 -$280

  • Nishane Ani

Nishane Ani is a beautiful fragrance with a strong vanilla scent. At first, there is a spicy and peppery scent with a noticeable vanilla scent in the background. As time goes by, the peppery scent diminishes, and the vanilla. The end result is a true beauty of a perfume, one that has a sweet and warm scent. As time goes by, the sweetness of the vanilla is joined by some woods, which makes it smell very warm and smooth.

Notes: The top notes of Nishane Ani are ginger, green notes , bergamot, and pink pepper. The heart notes are cardamom, Turkish rose and blackcurrant. The base notes are benzoin, ambergris, sandalwood, cedar, vanilla, musk and patchouli. Nishane Ani is a great perfume to wear during the colder months; both for during both the day and the night

Scent: Amber woody accord

Longevity: 4 -6 hours

Sillage: Moderate

Projection: Moderate

Price: $195 -$255

  •  Nishane Pasion Choco

Nishane Pasion Choco is a mouth wateringly sweet fragrance with a chocolate scent. It opens with a yummy-smelling chocolate note that is complemented by some fruity and tropical notes. These latter ingredients create an interesting smell. A little while after you apply it, the chocolate scent becomes apparent. In conjunction with the fruit aromas and the upcoming hints of coffee and vanilla, the chocolate note creates a unique and interesting aroma. Nishane Pasion Choco is a fantastic is best for spring and fall.

Notes: The top notes of Nishane Pasion Choco are grapefruit, passionfruit, and coffee. The middle notes are coriander, orchid, lime, and dark chocolate. The base notes are black musk, patchouli, benzoin, and vanilla.

Scent: Amber, vanilla woody accord

Longevity: 7 hours and above

Sillage: High

Projection: High

Price: $220 -$270

  •  Nishane Fan Your Flames

Your Flames is a very unique fragrance with a beautiful, sweet scent. The scent opens with a combination of sweet rum and coconut. The rum and coconut are quickly joined by a sweet tobacco accord, creating a sweet but still fresh scent blend. After the fragrance dries down, the boozy feeling disappears, letting the woody smell come to the forefront. This woody smell complements the sweetness of the initial smell. This perfume is best worn on casual occasions, but it is also appropriate for night-time wear. If you choose to wear it out on the town or to a date, you will smell fabulous.

Notes: The top notes of this fragrance are coconut and rum. The middle notes are tonka bean and tobacco and the base notes are cedar and oakmoss.

 Scent: Rum woody accord

Longevity: 5 - 7 hours

Sillage: High

Projection: High

Price: $195 -$220

  •  Nishane Afrika Olifant

Scent: Afrika Olifant is a boldly fragrant scent with a great scent of musk and leather. It starts of with a soft but unusual aroma that sits quite close to the skin. It smells smoky and resinous, with a faint leather scent in the background. The leather and musk notes of this fragrance become more powerful over time and create a dry down; this makes it a good choice during the colder months

Notes: The top notes of Nishane Afrika Olifant are labdanum, myrrh, olibanum, and ambergris. The middle notes are oud, leather, civet, and castoreum. The base notes are musk and civet.

Scent: Amber woody accord

Longevity: 5 - 8 hours

Sillage: High

Projection: High

Price: $186 -$200

People Also Ask?

What is Nishane?

Nishane is a perfume brand founded by Mert Güzel and Murat Katran in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul in 2012

Is Nishane a good perfume brand?

Yes Nishane is a a good perfume brand based in Istanbul. It was founded in 2012 by Mert Güzel and Murat Katran. Nishane stands for modern, fresh scents with an extremely high durability.

Is Nishane unisex?

Nishane is not exactly unisex; but a lot of the perfumes in its collection are tagged as unisex and there fragrance can be used as such.

 Concluding words

The house of Nishane houses a wonderful assortment of different fragrances. With their unique and luxurious scents, they have unique designs that can be used for every season, and every occasion.  One of the down side of this fantastic product is that it fragrance can be quite expensive; and this discourages many people from its purchase. However, there is a way to still use Nishane fragrance products without actually spending much to purchase a full botlle. One of this way is purchase a fragrance decant. A decant is a 5ml or 10ml smaller bottle filled up with the original fragrance. This is of course the best ways to save money and still use a Nishane fragrance. 

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