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When it comes to defining perfume and fragrance, no other person gets it right than Pierre Montale, the nose behind the Montale perfume empire, to him, a fragrance is a natural and living raw material. Pierre, a French man during his stay in Saudi Arabia made perfumes for Eastern nobility, Kings and Queens. Upon his return to France, he started his own line of perfumes in 2003.

Montale In Perfumery

Montale's vast collection of perfumes is inspired by Arabian royal ingredients; the Oud fragrance also called liquid gold or woods of gods. A lot of his perfumes makes use of incense, oud, and sandalwood as top notes, middle notes or base notes.

Montale creates his oriental inspired perfumes from high quality natural materials. A distinct feature of Montale perfumes is the long lasting lingering effect it leaves in its wake. You don’t have to worry about losing the fragrance after a couple of hours because it is made from high concentration of raw ingredients.  Some notable perfumes in his collection include Amber Musk, Intense Cafe, Golden Oud, sweet peony, blue amber, crazy in love and so many others.

Did you know the House of Montale gives you a sample kit that you can customize so you can discover amazing and iconic fragrances from their collections? This article will discuss three best male and female Montale fragrances for this season.

The best Montale perfume

The Best Montale Perfume Is:

Intense Cafe by Montale. It is a confidence booster suitable for all events and climes from the busy day at the office to the black tie event and even the romantic dinner with your loved one. A fragrance that is sophisticated, dark, sexy, exquisite, comforting and subtle. A fragrance for day and night. It is unisex, original and unique. The best gourmet recipe that dries down to a perfect blend of rose, coffee and vanilla. 

The best quality of this fragrance is its expert blended notes, sillage, longevity and projection. A blend of aromatic coffee with rose and vanilla to give you a rich creamy blend of sweet fragrance. Intense Cafe gives you your money’s worth. 

Scent Accord: Oriental Vanilla

Longevity : Intense Cafe lasts as long as 12 hours!

Silage: Strong and potent fragrance. 

Projection: Powerful even after dry down

Intense Cafe is a confidence booster suitable for all events and climes from the busy day at the office to the black tie event and even the romantic dinner with your loved one. A fragrance that is sophisticated, dark, sexy, exquisite, comforting and subtle.

Top 3 Best Montale Men Perfume


This is the absolute male elixir. It is a perfect blend of labdanum, leather, rose and oud tree oils. A delicious mixture of exotic beast and confident male. If you need a perfume to boost your confidence and give you a powerful vibe while commanding respect without even uttering a word? Then Black Aoud will do the magic for you. A whiff of it produces the bubbling fragrance of incensed rose and sandalwood. What are the fragrance notes to expect from Black Aoud? Notes of Rose, Agar wood, Patchouli, Musk, French labdanum, Mandarin orange and Sandalwood.

Black Aoud has a very high sillage and longevity on fabric and skin. Black Aoud is dark, gothic and strong, the aura aggressive. It is definitely the scent you wear when you want the attention of everyone around you. The confident Alpha male wears it and stands out. This unique, mysterious, beastly fragrance can be smelled from far away. It is a rich fragrant that dries down and blends into a classier, elegant, sexy blend. Due to its high sillage and projection, two sprays are enough. Black Aoud is defiantly that go to perfume you need to dominate everyone and everything around you.


This is one of Montale’s most unapologetic, daring, creative and challenging fragrances due to the fecal smell it gives on first whiff. Think savage, sexy Indiana Jones with tobacco pipe wearing raw pure Arabian leather and you have Aoud Cuir d’Arabie. A lot of people don’t want to go around smelling like dung and manure which is exactly what you will perceive on first spray. Launched in 2006, it is a very sharp and strong deep combination of dry leather, birch and Oud, this fragrance softens into gentler composition after dry down.

The fecal smell fades after a few minutes, and you are left with a strong medicinal fragrance then it dries down to a more intriguing animalistic leathery oud scent that is not too over the top with a beautiful balance of oud, birch and leather. The sillage and projection is very moderate as it is not a fragrance most people are comfortable with it but overly appreciated by those who wear it. 


The main ingredients used in making Black musk are musk, leather, black pepper, nutmeg, teak wood, sandalwood, amber and patchouli. Black musk is smoky leather with spicy black pepper with amazing projection, excellent longevity. It is a pleasant masculine fragrance, more wearable, toned down, not complex and less aggressive as Black Aoud and Cuir d’arabie.

It dries down to a balanced unique composition of smoky wood, spice, leathery musk.


The house of Montale has in it's vast collection of amazing sexy female fragrances you just can’t pass up and must have in your collection. Perhaps you are just looking for one fragrance that best suit your femme fatale taste, Montale has just the right one for you that you can choose from. Here are the three best Montale female perfumes.


Mystic and fruity is the vibe you get when you wear Dark Purple. A fruity combo of plum, red berry, orange with a floral mixture of rose, patchouli, geranium, musk, teak, wood and amber. Dark Purple is a perfume for all season and clime with its absolute high sillage and longevity.

It dries to a rose fragrance with a hint of plum. Dark Purple is sexy and intimate with an inviting aroma you can’t get enough of.


A fragrance that absolutely does justice to its name as a gourmet fragrance; greedy chocolate is the fragrance you put on at your school and church reunion, holiday parties and family gathering. A very comfortable, sexy and sophisticated scent of vanilla, chocolate, coffee and bitter orange with just a hint of tobacco.

Greedy chocolate dries down to sweet chocolate and leaves an amazing dark, sexy smell in its wake. It last long up to 12 hours after spraying. Be careful not to eat yourself when wearing this!.


This fragrance is a sensual exotic mix of pure rose, jasmine, musk and amber. It leaves a sexy trail behind wherever you go wearing it.  Launched in 2015, it is a powerful fragrance suitable for women who are confident in their skin and sexuality; the career woman, the boss, the show stopper.

It is a long lasting scent of up to 12 hours plus with strong sillage which stems from the fragrance notes of rose, musk, amber and jasmine. It dries down to leave a strong rose smell that is sure to turn heads your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to the fragrance world or are you an avid perfume collector or perhaps you have heard of Montale and you have burning questions, these are the answers to some of the questions asked by users

Are Montale perfumes good?

Montale perfumes are distinct and unique oriental inspired fragrances. It’s collection varies from the super complex and challenging to subtle and sweet. Montale perfume has a fragrance for every sexuality and sensuality. 

Do Montale perfume last long

One of the strong and consistent features of Montale perfumes is the longevity and projection. Montale uses high concentration and composition of materials in making fragrances.

Is Montale perfume the best in the world?

Montale perfume is among the best fragrance houses in the world. It has a very large collection of various scents and fragrances for all taste.

What classification does Montale perfume fall under?

Montale has a perfume or various perfumes for each class and category. Montale has various floral perfumes inspired by notes such as rose, geranium, and jasmine to fresh fragrance such as mandarin, orange, to fruity smells such as grape, plum, red berries and gourmet notes such as chocolate, coffee, vanilla.

And there you have it, the three best female and male Montale perfumes for you this season. Feel free to check up on other collections and products from Montale and go about smelling amazing.

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