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As the saying goes, let your perfume do the talking. Entering a room with a great fragrance and scent ahead of you will definitely make for a grand entrance while making an amazing first impression and leaving a vivid memory of you even after leaving the room. Chocolate perfumes made from real dark chocolate are one of the most alluring gourmand fragrances that exist. They are a pleasing, subtle yet charming scent. You can't go wrong with a chocolate fragrance.

Chocolate in Perfumery

Chocolate itself is rich, dark and mysterious such that when used or infused with other flavors, it is irresistible and impossible not to fall in love with it. Chocolate aromas are used in perfumery to produce a scent profile that will stimulate the senses. When mixed with spicy and floral notes, it gives a beautiful scent that is highly exciting, therapeutic, calming and sensual.

Wearing a chocolate scented perfume gives one the exact same feeling as when a rich chocolate bar is cracked open giving everyone around you a mouth-watering whiff. Almost everyone has a soft spot for chocolate as a flavor, but the flavor is not the only thing people desire when it comes to chocolate. The fragrance that comes with chocolate is as relevant as its flavor and is popularly referred to as one of the world's most preferred gourmand scents sharing the top spot with classic scent such as vanilla, strawberry, caramel. Chocolate aromas are used in a wide range of applications throughout the fragrance industry.

No matter how chocolate scents are being used in perfumes, either enhanced, mixed with other flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, you can be certain to find a delectable fragrance you will love.


  • Boss The Scent For Her by Hugo Boss

This is a citrusy floral perfume from Hugo Boss that has a dark cocoa base. It's a subtle take on the regular chocolate-smelling scent, allowing the green mandarin, freesia, and pink pepper shine instead, for a stronger feminine feel. It is a floral fruity fragrance created for women. The unveiling of Boss The Scent For Her was in 2016. 

The perfume comes in a beautiful rose gold bottle which makes it very attractive. This perfume is an alluring floral-fruity fragrance for the modern woman who represents strong femininity in her day to day life. Boss the Scent for Her is taking the femininity, warmth and seductiveness of a woman to a whole new level. The performance of the scent is good, with great longevity and moderate sillage

For a more sensual appeal: Hugo Boss The Scent Accord is a great choice.

  • Angel by Mugler

This perfume is an Amber Vanilla scent designed for women. Angel perfume was created in 1992 by the perfumers Olivier Cresp alongside Yves de Chirin. The top notes embedded in this amazing fragrance are Jasmine, Cassis, Bergamot, Cotton Candy, Mandarin Orange, Melon, Pineapple and Coconut, the middle notes of the fragrance are Red Berries, Caraway, Plum, Nutmeg,Honey, Rose, Blackberry, Peach, Jasmine, Orchid, Lily of the Valley and Apricot,  while the base notes are Chocolate, Amber, Sandalwood, Caramel, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Musk and Patchouli.This is refreshing, youthful, and sugary-sweet.

Mugler's Angel is one of the most acknowledged chocolate perfumes in the world for a reason. It is worthy to note that it is the scent that made the way for gourmand scents in the large market. Asides from being famous, it is difficult not to  love  this dessert in a bottle. The mixture of citruses, cotton candy, caramel, and vanilla with the chocolate are just impossible to say no to.

  • Demeter Dark Chocolate by Demeter

Spraying on some Demeter Dark Chocolate is like walking into a store where chocolate is being sold. This fragrance is created very simply, and it is combined with notes of dark chocolate, cocoa and a small amount of butter. If you wish to have a taste of a sensual bar of rich dark chocolate or you prefer the gentle scent of cocoa powder in the air, this perfume will give you exactly just that. Similar to many fragrances in its series, Dark Chocolate doesn't last long.

This makes it just the right perfume as a quiet scent which lasts for a few hours of an important occasion. Demeter's Dark Chocolate is in no way subtle with its inspiration. It has an aroma just like a bar of chocolate  just cracked open, with a cool whiff of vanilla that completes the sweetness perfectly. In fact, you might want to store the bottle away from any pets who could  mistake it for a chocolate treat.

  • I'm Home by Lush

I'm Home by Lush is an Amber Vanilla scents designed for women. I'm Home was unveiled in the year 2016.This scent captures the feeling of those times you feel lazy and chilly at nights you spend the night binge-watching movies with a cup of hot chocolate with you.

This is not surprising at all, due to the fact that Lush was created with cocoa absolute all the way from Colombia, infusing the rich note with vanilla and benzoin for a fragrance that's sweet, warm, and familiar enough with a smell that makes it feel like home.

  • Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Black Orchid by Tom Ford is an Amber Floral scent that was created for women. In the year 2006, Black Orchid was launched into the mainstrean, created by the perfumer Givaudan . Top notes embedded in this perfume are Gardenia, Jasmine, Black Currant, Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang,Truffle, Mandarin Orange and Amalfi Lemon, the middle notes are Fruity Notes, Orchid, Ylang-Ylang, Spices, Lotus, Gardenia and Jasmine and the base notes are Vetiver, Mexican chocolate, White Musk, Amber, Patchouli, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Incense.

Just in case you are not up for smelling like dessert? The rich, natural spiciness of Black Orchid might be the perfect fit to match your mood or the event. It has all the scents a signature perfume requires: orchid, patchouli, ylang-ylang, vanilla, and of course, subtly and smooth sweet chocolate. Overall, it's dark, mysterious, and without a doubt sexy—the perfect scent that would have heads turning as you enter a room.

Black Orchid is extravagant and classically dark; a sensual fragrance that has a rich, dark trace of black orchid and spices. It is a contemporary and timeless fragrance. Lastly, it is important to know that Black Orchid last long and projects well.

  • Feve Delicieuse by Dior

Feve Delicieuse is an amber vanilla fragrance  It is a unisex fragrance which has a rich, mysterious and luxurious scent.

The scent starts with notes of lavender, mint, and bergamot. The jasmine, sour cherry and freesia come through which gives Feve Delicieuse a wonderful floral note. The chocolate sweetness of cacao pod base is combined with warm vanilla, Tonka bean, praline, milk, and caramel for something that is extremely irresistible .
Fève Délicieuse was released in the year 2015. The  manufacturer of this fragrance is Francois Demachy.  Feve Delicieuse  is a scent that is long lasting.


  • Chocolate Man by Dame Perfumery

    Chocolate Man by Dame Perfumery is an Amber scent specially designed for men. This is a recent fragrance. Chocolate Man was introduced in 2016. The fragrance includes chocolate.

    The name behind this beautiful fragrance is Jeffrey Dame. Chocolate man is a long lasting perfume with a strong sillage.


    The famous Mugler cologne, also known as A*Men has produced a whole collection of fragrances that is diverse on the wildly successful base. This amazing perfume is an appealing woody style cologne that was released in the year 1996, and was the first contemporary cologne to make heavy use of “gourmand” aromatics, which opened the door for a large amount of chocolate colognes over the next decade.

    Angel A Men’s top notes consists of mixed fruits and spices which are accented by intensely green notes of mint and bergamot, which lingers pleasantly before progressing to this fragrance’s core. The initial scent of gourmand notes come out followed closely by milk, caramel and honey offset by patchouli, cedar and jasmine. The base notes is dominated by chocolate, where it is complemented by coffee, vanilla, tonka bean, amber, and musk for it's perfect complex finish.
    Angel A Men lasts long with a longevity approaching eternal and an extraordinary intensity, A*Men is a one of it kind in the world of perfume.

    • Zara Scent #2 for Men by Zara

    Zara Scent #2 by Zara is a floral with a touch of fruity gourmand scent created for men. Zara Scent #2 was firstly introduced in the year 2015. The top notes of this amazing scent are sage and lemon; while the middle notes are pineapple and violet; and the base notes are dark chocolate and vanilla. It is a long lasting perfume with an enormous sillage

    • Serge Lutens Borneo 1834 by Serge Lutens

    Serge Lutens Borneo 1834 is a pleasant fragrance with a luxurious scent of charming and exciting chocolate. This fragrance made in France opens with a high-quality scent of warm cacao, instantly creating an authentic scent of chocolate. Not too long after, a fruity sweetness emerges, however, it stays very subtle. When this scent begins to dry down, the warm scent of cacao is accompanied by the spicy note of cardamom, as well as by a bunch of white flowers.

    Borneo 1834 is a  perfume created by Serge Lutens. The scent was released in the year 2005 and the brain behind this amazing fragrance is perfumer Christopher Sheldrake. This perfume is a rich, dry, gently earthy patchouli with a chocolate sweetness, very much suitable for a cool evening. It consists of notes such as, galbanum, Indonesian patchouli, cocoa accord, cistus labdanum.



    Q: What Are Chocolate Fragrances And How Do They Smell
    A: Chocolate fragrance is a fragrance with a scent that can be compared with that of chocolate. This is a unique and not so regular scent that doesn’t actually require the note of chocolate to be present. Unlike the note of vanilla, for example, which gives off a scent of vanilla, the scent of chocolate can be created by blending a few other fragrance notes.

    Q: How to make a chocolate perfume?
    A: When perfumers create a perfume that smells like chocolate, one of the first things they will reach for is their chocolate fragrance oil. This is referred to as chocolate absolute and is a fragrance that is gotten from unprocessed cacao beans.

    Q: What type of scent is chocolate?
    A: Chocolate is a gourmand note, and it is often blended with other sweet scents.

    Final Words: Chocolate fragrances are beautiful fragrances with attractive scents. You’ve got a fragrance to make a strong and lasting impression on others without overpowering them. Although, owning a chocolate fragrance isn’t a necessity, it’s definitely worth exploring with its diverse scents and makes a great addition to any collection.

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